When I was a little girl, I was surrounded by quite a large family, at least on my mum’s side. I had wonderful Birthday parties where all the family would come and join in with party games and celebrations. At Christmas time we all gathered together to celebrate at various houses, sometimes having to have two sittings for lunch just to fit everyone in to get fed. We used to regularly go to Blackpool, throughout the year, playing on the beach and taking rides on the Pleasure Beach. In the summer months my Auntie would always hire a caravan by the beach in Rhyl and my Mum & Dad and I would go and visit for the day, it was such a treat to be able to play on the park with my cousins, go on the donkeys, play mini golf. I have so many wonderful memories of those times and the people that were there. Sadly many of those who were such a fundamental part of those celebrations, are no longer here and all that remains is memories and photographs.

When I was getting married, our photographer was one of the first people we met. I knew in my heart she understood what we wanted from our wedding day. I didn’t even have to ask to see more of her work, I knew that she would capture what we wanted. Even now, eight years on, I look at our wedding album quite regularly and take great delight in showing our little boy the happy day we got married and the wonderful people that shared it with us.  Late last year I took part in some business mentoring and my coach asked me why I do what I do. Rather flippantly I replied about being passionate about photography and being part of someone’s special day. But then she asked me to look deeper within myself, to look for the driver behind my actions. I must admit, it took me some time. To sit and be silent and look inwardly to where this need to capture images comes from.

And then it struck me. The dozens of images I have from being small, of Birthday parties, happy times, places we visited and then as I got older different groups of friends, different places, my own wedding. These wonderfully special memories that I can physically hold in my hands, that make me smile and think back to those days. I am, as anyone will tell you, more than nostalgic. “Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. And this is the need that drives me. To capture those moments for those who choose to put their trust in me to do so. I put my heart and soul into it. I give a little piece of me when I photograph a wedding and it’s something that gives me immense pleasure, not only at the time but when I know that afterwards they will look at those images many times and the people they shared their day with and that is the greatest legacy that anyone could wish to leave.



Alex, I love this and the image. This sums up everything I love about photography. You can tell from your wedding photography that you truly are immersed in the joy of their day.

What a beautifully written insight into your world! Your work truly speaks for itself but to hear these heartfelt words makes it all the more spectacular! x

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