Having an engagement shoot can be daunting and the biggest question I get asked is what to wear. Your choice of clothing can make a huge difference to the outcome of the pictures so here’s some top tips on how to get the best from your session.

Ladies – wear more make-up than you usually do

I often suggest trying to combine a pre-wedding shoot with a hair and make-up trial so that you feel a little more confident in front of the camera and your images benefit from professional make-up (believe me it makes a big difference) However this isn’t always possible so my advice would be to wear a bit more than you usually do. It might feel strange but make-up on camera looks very different to the naked eye, you can afford to put on more. When applying your make-up do it in natural light so that you can get a really even base coverage. If you can use a primer beforehand do so, it will help to keep your make-up in place and also help your skin to look more radiant before you start your application.

Set your foundation with a powder so that it removes any shine. Play up your eyes using matte shades – try to stay clear of shimmery shadows. Don’t go dark because it makes your eyes look smaller so stick to neutral warm shades. Don’t forget mascara as it really helps to open the eyes. With blusher use a natural colour that you would see if you had been exercising and apply to the apples of the cheeks. You can use highlighter if you are confident with it. Again with lips keep to a natural look, though avoid nude as it can make your lips disappear. If you are feeling brave you can go for a dramatic red but remember you might be doing some smooching and you don’t want to cover your other half in red stains!

pre-wedding shoot ideas

Wear clothes that fit you well

Nothing too baggy or too tight as these things are accentuated on camera. Ladies you can take the opportunity to look feminine and flirty and guys you can look smart without being stuffy. Also, take the opportunity to get dressed up, it’s not every day you have a professional photoshoot so put your best gear on.

what to wear on your pre-wedding shoot

Wear some colour

Colour wise stay away from black especially next to the face as it drains you of colour. Think about where your shoot is taking place and try to compliment your surroundings. Again neutral colours always look great – navy, cream, pale pink, camel, khaki, white and brown. In the Autumn and Winter months rich jewel colours look beautiful against a more bare landscape. Think about plum, purple, rich red and deep greens. You can co-ordinate your colours without being too matchy matchy.



Bring belts, hats scarves, jewellery, cool shoes. They all look amazing on camera. Show some personality with your accessories. Look at some pictures in magazines for inspiration. Depending on the time of year you might want to get snuggled up with scarves, hats and gloves.


Men be aware of your socks!

Don’t let nasty white sports socks ruin the pictures.



Focus on each other and not me. Think about nice places you’ve visited together, places you’d like to visit together in the future. No talking about work or chores, they are strictly off limits. Smiling helps you to relax so just look into each other’s eyes and remember why you are getting married. I will direct you where I need to, remember you have each other for support. If I’m not talking just keep snuggling, smooching and laughing. Some wonderful affectionate gestures look great on camera like kissing her forehead or cheek, ladies just smile and close your eyes.


Have fun

It’s all about having fun, so just let yourself go and enjoy the time with your partner.

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A shoot is a collaboration between photographer and subject

This is a really important point to consider. I can stand you in the best light and I can direct you but if you don’t give me anything back, then it will show in your photographs. Very few people like having their photograph taken but try to forget about me and focus on each other. Even if you aren’t lovey dovey, you can still laugh together and be close. Small gestures look great, whispering, kissing, laughing, enjoy the moment.

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