Sarah & James had their wedding at one of my favourite venues, the beautiful Tythe Barn in Launton. The venue is truly stunning and if you are looking for a barn venue where you can get ready, have your ceremony and your reception in the same place then here it is. I caught up with Sarah on the morning of the wedding where she was getting ready with her five bridesmaids in the nook. Hair and make up was by Kate & Monica of Oxford Hair & Make-up.

I love working at a venue where I can nip between the bride getting ready, see how the decor in the barn is looking and go back and forth. I think it’s also really beneficial for the couple because it cuts out all of the time spent travelling from hotel to ceremony venue and then onwards to a reception. The stunning flowers were by The Great Little Flower Company. It was the first time I had worked with Sarah & Victoria but I loved their special little touches including giving the bride a little tag which described all of the flowers in her bouquet.

Sarah and James chose a gorgeous dark green for the bridesmaids which the flowers complimented beautifully. You can probably also see there was a bit of a ‘Bassett’ theme running through they day from the cake to the sweetie stand. Their quirky cake was made by talented mums of the bride and groom.

Sarah seemed pretty chilled on the morning and there was lots of fun and laughter as you would expect with a group of tight knit friends getting ready for a lovely wedding. I caught up with James as he arrived at the barn with friends and family. Whilst everyone enjoyed welcome drinks at the Land Rover bar, James got down to the task of putting buttonholes in and tying cravats. Kudos to you James – you’re the only groom I’ve ever met who knows how to put in a buttonhole and tie a cravat!!

Sarah’s Dad came to meet her at the nook and in a few moments everyone was making their way to the ceremony. First came the mums of the bride and groom who walked down the aisle together, which I thought was lovely, then came the bridesmaids and lastly Sarah and her Dad exchanging nervous glances as they walked to meet James. After a brief but beautiful ceremony it was time to exit the barn and enjoy greeting their guests with champagne at the ready.

Sarah and James and their guests enjoyed stunning canapes by the in house catering company Jamie’s Fabulous Feasts. After the drinks reception guests were asked to take their seats before nominated helpers were chosen to don chef’s hats and aprons in order to carve the roast beef for the tables. After dinner came the funny and moving speeches with Jame’s best man giving him a grilling as you can see James had to wipe the sweat from his brow at certain points of the speech.

Guests then relaxed again before being allowed to enter the photobooth and get down and boogie with The Domino’s band. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day Sarah & James, it was an absolute pleasure.

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Beautiful. That cute sideways look they are giving each other as they do their vows is priceless x

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