Earlier in the year I decided to enter the Wedding Industry Awards. I did this for a number of reasons. Firstly because I’ve never entered anything before so I wanted to see what happened and secondly because I am eager to move my business forward and learn what my customers actually think about me and the service I give. I’d always been under the impression that competitions like this were more of a popularity contest and if you weren’t shooting a hundred weddings a year you didn’t get a look in. But I was mistaken. The way that the awards operate make it fair to everyone whether you shoot 5 or 50 weddings your chances of winning are pretty much equal. I was incredibly pleased to have made it as a regional finalist for the South East and although I didn’t win overall, I did get to read the amazing feedback my couples had left for me. Here are some of the wonderful things that were said. I’m really humbled and extremely grateful to all those who voted for me.








Priceless. Wish we’d know you when we got married.

Aww thank you Jo 🙂 x

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