documentary wedding photographer cripps barn

The entrance of the bride is always a special moment but when you can really see how someone is feeling just by looking into their eyes, it makes it even more special.

This image was taken at a Cripps Barn wedding. I love that Amy is overcome with emotion and is fighting back the tears. It’s the moment she’s been building up to all morning and the enormity of the fact that she’s about to marry her husband and leave her Dad’s side is all too obvious.

As a documentary wedding photographer, it’s moments like these that I’m looking for on the wedding day. These are what drive me to photograph weddings.

Amy did exceptionally well, it could have gone one of two ways, she could have completely broken down but she didn’t, she looked into her husband to be’s eyes and made it through the ceremony without any tears.

And that’s why I love this image and I hope you do too.


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