“Hi Alex, thank you for your outstanding work yesterday – Owen and I agreed we were so happy we chose
you to do our photos as you were more like a friend being present who we wanted to ensure had a lovely time too!” Mr & Mrs Haydn Aug 2016

First off let me apologise for being so behind with blogging. It’s so nice to be able to bring you some of my latest work from this year so lets start with some wedding photography in the Cotswolds. Back in August I photographed Laura & Owen’s wedding in South Leigh on the edge of the Cotswolds. When I first met them I immediately warmed to them then thought they were a little bit bonkers due to their love of doing Tough Mudder’s every weekend (for fun!!). I half expected to see them on their wedding day sporting a black eye or two and bruises all over. Fortunately this wasn’t the case. That week had been gloriously warm, so much so, that the day started off overcast with the chance of a storm later on. Laura got ready at South Leigh Village Hall so she could help oversee the set up and be within walking distance of the church. Her beautiful dress was by Essence of Australia from Proposals of Witney. The girls’ hair was tended to by The Hair Boutique in Minster Lovell and make-up was by Rachel of Renaissance Beauty.

At this point I just need to mention that Laura, Owen & Laura’s mum made me feel so welcome on the day. Laura’s mum looked after me ensuring I was fed and watered throughout the day and making sure I went home arms piled with homemade strawberry jam, rock, sweeties and a kilner jar of my very own. Thank you so much guys. Which brings me on to scones, and all of the other wonderful things that the family had been baking and preparing for the day, it was an absolute feast.

The church in South Leigh is absolutely stunning. It dates from the 12th Century and has beautiful, vibrant wall paintings unlike anything I have seen before. The flowers for the day were by Budd’s Florist in North Leigh. They created a beautiful floral arch for inside the church along with simple pew ends. The bouquet’s and button holes were stunning in a pink, lilac and white colour scheme which complimented the bridesmaid’s dresses perfectly. I bobbed up to see the boys who were pretty relaxed before heading back to the Village Hall to meet with Laura before she made her way up to church. At this point in the day the far off rumbles of thunder were suddenly overhead and we were about to be in the midst of one heck of a storm. Laura was looking for a suitable break to make her way to church and it was a good job she didn’t wait any longer. When I say it was like the middle of the night, I’m not exaggerating. The street lights came on and just as Laura reached church the heavens fully opened. Reverend Nick had to keep pausing during the ceremony just to be heard over the thunder because it was so loud!

Anyway somehow after the service, it miraculously cleared up and enabled everyone to get back to the Village Hall. Though it was still spitting Laura & Owen weren’t going to let it stop them so on went the wellies and we made our way to a cornfield which happened to be next door to the hall! This was their attitude to the whole day, just laid back and fun to work with. The sun even came out briefly. Guests chatted and enjoyed scones, fruit tarts and homemade sausage rolls. Laura & Owen didn’t want a formal meal and as they both love curry, there was a curry buffet by the Shaan Restaurant in Witney. Their beautiful cake was by The Pretty Cake Company. Thank you so much Laura & Owen for allowing me to capture your special and unique day xx

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