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The wedding day morning is a heady mix of excitement and nerves. Emotions are riding high and it’s the first time that you as a bride starts to see everything come together, all those little things that you have both been planning for your wedding, probably for over a year.

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Depending on where you are getting ready there are a few things you can do to help things flow and help the photographer to get the best shots from this exciting and fast moving part of the day.

  • On arrival into the place where you are getting ready make sure that everyone has all the bits they need like underwear, jewellery and make up and then store everyone’s bags in the wardrobe or under the bed where they are out of sight. A sea of plastic bags, shoes and clothes all over the room doesn’t look great in your pictures.
  • Get out the scissors and cut the tags out of everyone’s outfits. You will be putting them on within a couple of hours and a last minute hunt for scissors just adds to the stress. Remove plastic bags from bridesmaids gowns and hang them somewhere where they are easily accessible and easy to photograph. By all means leave the bridal gown in the hanging bag but try and find somewhere you can hang it so that it doesn’t get creased.
  • Put all of your bridal accessories together – shoes, underwear, garter, jewellery and perfume so that if you are indisposed, one of your bridesmaids knows where everything is in order to show the photographer.
  • Reserve a chair near to the window for the hairdresser and make-up artist. They will need natural light to work with so ensure they have a clear workspace.
  • Delegate – you might feel that you want to rush round checking everything on the morning but it’s best to leave this to a chief bridesmaid or a member of your family. Once you’ve got your dressing gown on, it’s time to relax as you’ll have enough to think about without added stress.

  • Timing is everything – you won’t believe how quickly a wedding morning can pass. One minute you’ve got a few hours, the next time you look, it’s time to get into your dress. Have a clear idea of who is getting ready in what order and if you know that you want photographs of you in your dress before you leave for the ceremony, ensure you have discussed this with your make-up artist and photographer way before the wedding day so everyone knows what time they are aiming for.
  • Send your bridesmaids off to get dressed before you so that once they are ready they can help you into your dress. It will give you a few minutes of calm to collect your thoughts.
  • Be prepared with kitchen roll. Often flowers arrive still sat in water so put someone in charge of drying off the bottom of the stems when you are ready to get them out of the box, so that they don’t drip on the dresses.
  • Make sure you eat something. Even though you might feel sick with nerves it’s better to have something than nothing. You don’t want to faint during the ceremony.
  • Try and take everything in and have fun. Sometimes things happen on the day that are beyond your control, just go with the flow and enjoy every minute.

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If you’ve got a top tip for a future bride from your wedding day morning, I’d love to hear about it so please leave a comment below.


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