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Laura  & Tony’s Cotswold wedding has to be one of the most original and beautiful weddings I have photographed. Ever! Although I am a wedding photographer in the Cotswolds I have never photographed a wedding quite like this. I arrived at the Kings Head Hotel in Cirencester on the morning of the wedding (beautiful boutique hotel by the way, I can highly recommend a visit). Laura was just coming back from the hairdressers – Blushes, with her beautiful flower crown in her hair. I went up to her room to start photographing and met up with her make-up artist, the lovely Lucy Pearce of Boolou Make-up who was already working on Laura’s sister Becky. Laura had done lovely goody bags for her three bridesmaids which were all laid out on the bed along with matching kimono’s for the three of them. Laura’s stunning gown was by Charlie Brear along with the stunning lace capelet. As Laura’s bridesmaids arrived they started to open their goody bags and cards and there was lots of hugging and happy tears shed. Then the party got started with a gorgeous bottle of Perrier Jouet and some music with a lot of snap chatting and chair dancing. I found out that there was a special wedding morning playlist which all of Laura & Tony’s friends were listening to at the same time and pictures were zooming backwards and forwards of the fun – what a brilliant idea! When the girls were nearly ready I left them to finish off and made my way over to Hatherop Castle School for the ceremony.

The school is a stunning building with it’s own church on site so once everyone had arrived they could relax and not worry about changing venues which I think always works so well on a wedding day and there’s no time wasted going between places. I caught up with an excited Tony and his best man who were busy greeting guests. The boys were wearing heritage tweed suits by BEE and complimentary brogues. Just before one o’clock the bridal party arrived in vintage white Jaguars by Vale Vintage Wedding Cars. The church looked stunning with pew ends and flowers by Beth Cox at Go Wild Flowers, not to mention the girl’s stunning bouquets and the boy’s buttonholes. It was lovely to be able to capture Laura and Tony’s reactions as the ceremony progressed.

After the ceremony, the weather took a turn for the worse so guests were sent to enjoy welcome drinks in the marquee while Laura, Tony and I took a little trip in the wedding cars to go and do some photographs. They had already scoped out a little bridge nearby so we took our chances and braved a little light rain to get some beautiful photographs of the two of them before heading back to the school grounds to do a few more. At this point I really need to mention the marquee and the decor of this wedding. Quite honestly it was incredible. I love, love, love the trestle tables with greenery and candles, so fresh and so unique. Not only that but their wedding cake by Hannah Hickman was probably the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Not only that but it had 4 tiers of epicness – each a different flavour. The marquee was by Space Intense and the gloriously delicious catering was by Holroyd Howe.

After the wedding breakfast, Laura’s school friend got up to sing a few songs which was really emotional and ended in tears and hugs. The evening entertainment was provided by Dance Floor Etiquette and I have to say these guys were so lovely and really good at what they do. all in all it was a fantastic day to be a part of so thank you Laura & Tony for allowing me to document it for you.

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