Happy 2019 to you! I hope you’ve had a wonderful time over the festive period. I’m just about catching up with everything and It’s been a while since I did a yearly round up of images so, for a change, I’d like to share with you some of my favourite images from 2018 and the reasons why rather than a ‘best of’ post.

A rainy April wedding but this bride wasn’t going to let the rain spoil her day so she hitched up her dress and enjoyed every moment.
When the bridesmaids opened their gift bags and pulled out kimono gowns, the jokes began.
What a perfect day, and such a lovely moment as all the bridal party walked to church with the bride’s horse.
That just married feeling!
All the formalities are over, let’s just enjoy the party.
So much love at this wedding, everywhere I looked there was so much emotion.
A pre-wedding hug between bride, mum and bridesmaids
When the groom simply swept the bride off her feet
The bridal car was ready to leave as everyone spilled out of church, it needed to be in black and white because it could be from any era.
Just the way the groom is looking at the bride.
When you’re so nervous that you mess up your vows but no one cares because it’s so adorable
Just completely enjoying every moment of the confetti bombing
The roses on the wall were just asking to be included in this image of the stunning bride.
The bus was parked outside the Bodleian and this image sums up the wedding day.
One of those precious moments away from your guests.
When the groom had his parents in stitches.
The final few moments of getting ready with all your team around you and the air is full of anticipation.
A very moving speech by the Father of the Bride
The bride and her sister sorting out the wedding dress on the morning of the wedding.
When you’re an only child and your Dad is so incredibly proud.
An emotional moment mid ceremony
just messin’
Dad and daughter share a joke as he gives her away.
The hands say so much
Another confetti shot where the bride and groom are just enjoying every minute.
I just love how the light is falling on the brides dress.

Hopefully you can see from the images I’ve chosen that none of these are posed shots but the natural moments that just happen on every wedding day – I call them the moments in between. If you are looking to book a photographer that specialises in natural wedding photography, please get in touch.


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