bourton engagement shoot

It’s always a massive honour when anyone books me to photograph them but when one half of your couple is an extremely talented photographer, the stakes double. I have known Victoria for the best part of five years and followed her photographic career with excitement and interest. She is based in Shropshire and photographs many different subjects but for me, the one she was born to do was to document people with her photography.

She recently contacted me to tell me she was going away for the weekend with her beau and asked me to spend some time photographing them in the Cotswolds on their way back to Shropshire. I suggested we meet at Bourton on the Water as they had never visited and because it makes a perfect backdrop for a photoshoot. I met them in the pub where they were steadying their nerves with some Dutch courage – why I don’t know because they were absolutely amazing in front of the camera.

Days like this make me realise why I absolutely love my job. When two people can become comfortable in front of the lens and just get lost in each other and I can stand back and document it. It’s like being privy to many very special moments and observing them as an outsider whilst actually being pulled into the moment. Here are some of my favourites.

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We recently visited Bourton on the Water and stumbled across your blog post. Your images are stunning! Absolutely love the autumnal feel. Beautiful work 🙂

Thank you so much for your kind words, I hope you had a lovely trip to Bourton 🙂

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